Are You a Gospel Patron?

Are You a Gospel Patron?

by Bill High

What’s a gospel patron? John Rinehart wrote a compelling book called Gospel Patrons. There he describes a gospel patron as a passionate follower of Jesus but one who also invests generously with time and treasure in the advance of the gospel.

Few would recognize that, throughout history, the gospel has been advanced by such patrons. For instance, William Tyndale helped bring the first Bible to print in the English language. By doing so, 6 million English-speaking people had their first Bible. On the other hand, few would recognize the name of Humphrey Monmouth. He was a wealthy cloth merchant who funded the work of Tyndale. Without the work of Monmouth, a businessman, we might not have the English Bible. Such is the work of a gospel patron.

Watch this video from the spoken word poet David Bowden, and you will hear in dramatic fashion the power of the gospel patron working with the gospel laden (those called to go and share the gospel). You’ll be blessed!

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Published November 23, 2017

Topics: A Life of Faith


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