Meet the Legacy Team, Part 1

Meet the Legacy Team, Part 1

by Bill High

Welcome to the studio. That’s Noah. He’s the tallest one in the picture.

He’s been helping us film our series The Power of Your Family Legacy. More on that later.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Noah. He painted the Suki art car in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Perhaps you’ve been to Disney? Or maybe, you’re a Disney art collector? If you go to, you’ll see his wonderful collection of Disney art.

He started his business at age 16 doing lettering, signs and promotional banners for businesses. His work attracted the attention of people like Nicole Kidman, Val Kilmer, Craig Nelson and Tom Cruise. He’s also worked with companies like Lexus, Toyota and Levi’s.

But Noah doesn’t keep his gift to himself. He trains other young artists through Noah University.

So why is Noah working on a project like ours … family legacy?

He understands the power of family—in good and bad ways. He’s got his own family story. A less than perfect upbringing, and now his own family. He’s working to get it right with his wife Shantel and his two children. It’s work. It’s a great investment. It’s a great joy. It’s a great passion.

Noah. Family. Legacy.

Who are the people you know working to build their own unique family legacy?


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Published May 23, 2022

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