God’s Architect and the Masterpiece of Legacy

God’s Architect and the Masterpiece of Legacy

by Bill High

Have you heard of God’s architect? His name is Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish born architect who died in 1926.  His faith influenced his architectural design. UNESCO has declared seven of his works World Heritage Sites, which lead to him being declared as God’s architect.

Sagrada Familia, a cathedral, is his most famous work. It is the most visited monument in all of Spain. In 1883, Gaudi was put in charge of the efforts to build Sagrada Familia. This work would consume his life.


Gaudi’s Lifework

He worked 43 years on this project and for the last 12 years of his life he worked solely on this project.  From his drawings and inspiration, construction on the project continues to this day.  It’s anticipated that construction may be completed sometime within the 1st third of the 21st century.

Gaudi remained single his entire life. He left behind few notes, diaries or manuscripts.  The Sagrad Familia was his great legacy. For 135 years that legacy is still continuing.


What is your masterpiece?

While it is easy to equate the magnitude of Gaudi’s work as his legacy, I think it also goes deeper. Legacy is driven by what we value. Even if your lifework is not something physically as large as what Gaudi undertook, a life of significance, of faith, of care for family, and more still leaves just as important of a mark.

What are you architecting? Whether it is noticed by the world or not, what matters is what God will see when you arrive in eternity. What did you do with the talents He gave, the people in your life, the opportunities to make His name great?

Think beyond eternity, too. What will the story of your life tell others even after you gone? Even if generations later don’t remember your name, the effect of the values and beliefs you held can still impact them and set a course.

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Published October 5, 2018

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