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Build Up Your Family Through Uncertain Times

Build Up Your Family Through Uncertain Times

by Bill High

We are in uncertain times. Cities and businesses closed down. Job losses. Staying home more than usual. Trying times. How can you use a time like this to build up your family?

Consider this: tell your family the stories of past trials and how God brought you through them.

Lasting families are intentional about passing on the family story. Kids who know their family’s stories do better in every area of life. The shutdown can be a treasured time of family togetherness if you get creative.

Think about it. One of the greatest celebrations in the Bible is coming up: Easter. It’s a time  where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet that story begins with a betrayal, a fake trial and a crucifixion. The prelude to that grand mess began with a Passover meal Jesus shared with his disciples. To this day, Christian believers share the communion “meal” to remember Jesus and his great sacrifice.

Throughout the centuries—no matter the season, no matter the state of the economy, no matter how the stock markets were performing—people continue to remember and celebrate Easter and communion. These stories are unifying for people of faith.

So perhaps this weekend, you can take time with your family and tell the stories of testing, suffering and loss. What have been your times of grief? What lessons did you learn?

Tell those stories to build up your family. Help them see your trust and gratitude through the hard times you’ve experienced. Inspire them to look to God in the midst of uncertainty, loss and sorrow. I guarantee that it will draw you closer.

Along with looking back to God’s faithfulness through the hard times, be sure to tell the other stories too. Remember funny moments, celebrate successes and revisit favorite memories.


Three Ways to Remember Your Family Stories

Here’s a little nudge to get you started. Use these ideas to start the stories flowing during family time.

  • Research the family tree. If your kids are older, they can help with this project. Take some of your extra time to find out where you came from and what your collective story is. You may be stuck at home, but you still have all sorts of resources to learn more about your family history.
  • Make a night of it. Dedicate one night to sharing your own family stories. Make your favorite snacks and gather everyone to tell your stories. Share how you and your spouse met, hardships you’ve endured, your scariest moment, embarrassing stories, and favorite memories from your own childhood. Ask your kids to share their favorite stories as well.
  • Go through photo albums. Nothing sparks storytelling like old pictures. If you have hardcopy albums, sit down on the couch and flip through them together, talking about memories and laughing at silly photos. If your albums are online, try hooking your computer to the TV so you can all look at the photos together. (If you haven’t done that before, your older kids can probably help!)

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be creative! Investing in your family legacy takes extra effort, but it’s worth it! Use this uncertain time to build up your family.



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Published March 27, 2020

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