A Time to Remember: Frank Mall, Monte Clark, Don Bell, Roger Campbell, Bruce Pfuetze

A Time to Remember: Frank Mall, Monte Clark, Don Bell, Roger Campbell, Bruce Pfuetze

by Bill High

New beginnings call for remembering roots.

Many of you know that we began the Servant Foundation (originally, the Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City) in June 2000. We are a donor-advised-fund organization, and we chose to affiliate with the National Christian Foundation as our backroom. Now, eighteen years later, we’ve been given an opportunity for our organization to establish our own backroom, which gives us more opportunity to continue to grow.

When the Servant Foundation begin in 2000, it was a startup. Literally. I was the first and only employee. We didn’t have an office. We were incorporated but didn’t have tax-exempt status. That was part of my first job.

But as with any startup, it always takes more than one person.

Frank Mall was one of the founding board members. He guided us through the early startup years and always displayed a zest for ministry and wise stewardship. His presence on the board was always a great encouragement. He was part of an early group that helped Frank Brown explore the donor-advised fund world.

Monte Clark was a young graphic designer. He joined the board and represented our next generation. But equally important, Monte designed our first logo and website, for which we are forever grateful.

Don Bell joined the board a few months after startup. A real estate developer, home builder, and banker, Don was one of the first givers to make a gift of S corporation stock. He also gave us our first office space!

Roger Campbell joined the board at the same time as Don Bell. Roger challenged our early group to think big–millions and millions of dollars. Who could have imagined the billions we have seen mobilized for the Kingdom?

Bruce Pfuetze. Although a medical doctor, somehow Bruce still seemed to find time to participate in mission conferences and Bible studies and to do his part in encouraging ministries. He regularly preached John 17 and the power of the local church in the community.

These early board members did much to advance the cause of generosity. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

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Published May 7, 2018

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