Okay, Let’s Do Something Crazy!

Okay, Let’s Do Something Crazy!

by Bill High

My friend Frank is a financial advisor. Sometimes he gets a mischievous grin on his face—especially when he’s heard a good story. And to be honest, he likes a little risk, a little fun.

So it was he told me the story of a young man who’d been building his own little stockpile—the typical wise financial plan. He had the savings account, cash on hand, and a steadily growing 401(k). But in the context of a church capital campaign, he found himself confronted by the idea of who owned all of his bank accounts.

When confronted by that truth, he did the unimaginable—at least by financial planner standards: he gave it all away. He drained his accounts dry.

When asked why he did that, he replied simply, “I wanted to see what it felt like to give everything away.”

I wonder.


Along the same lines, this book is the story of a billionaire who gave it all away: Giving It All Away . . . And Getting It All Back Again

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Published August 31, 2017

Topics: Generosity


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