The Generous Touch         

The Generous Touch         

by Bill High

She stood. She stood, but her husband sat while the worship singing took place.

Now that’s not unusual. Sometimes the standing and singing can get a little long. Some will sit down for a bit of relief.

But there was something different with them. She swayed with the music with her hands raised.  He sat—almost immoveable as if in pain. He seemed to want to participate.

Then the words of the song shifted. “You hold my every moment / You calm my raging seas / You walk with me through fire / And heal all my disease.”

And with the words of the chorus, she turned, with one hand still raised—the other she placed upon her husband: “I believe You’re my healer / I believe You are all I need / I believe You’re my portion / I believe You’re more than enough for me / Jesus, You’re all I need.”

Her face showed compassion. Her hand tightened upon his shoulder with the next verse, “Nothing is impossible…”

I got it. I don’t know what illness or what storm that man faced. I don’t know what disease might have attacked his body. But in turning, she said it all: “I’m with you, and I believe.”

It was enough. Perhaps there’s someone today for you to touch.

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Published March 10, 2016

Topics: A Life of Faith


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