Nanny Job with a Maserati?

Nanny Job with a Maserati?

by Bill High

I had to smile at a recent CNBC news article. A family in London posted an ad for a nanny job with some pretty cool perks:

  • A salary of $129,000
  • International travel
  • Use of the family Maserati, Range Rover, and Porche
  • Gourmet meals prepared by the family chef

However, not just any slouch need apply. The job requires 15 years of nanny experience, training in self-defense, availability 6 days a week with long hours, no partying, and participation in the schoolwork of their 4 children.

The job listing had received over 300 applications and was being narrowed down to those that met all the qualifications.

I don’t make this stuff up!


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Published November 28, 2017

Topics: Culture Commentary


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