9 Tips for Living Simply

9 Tips for Living Simply

by Bill High

Do you know anyone who says they are not busy?  Even the retirees I know all tell me they are busy.  What’s led to this sense of madness, this overwhelming sense of noise, and how do we calm it down?

Here are 9 tips for bringing some simplicity back into your life

  1. Purge your stuff. Go through your stuff.    Eliminate.  Get rid of it.  Have less.  Limit your clothes to only what is necessary—not excess.  It’s wonderfully freeing.
  1. Limit media consumption. Try a media fast.  No TV, radio, internet, Facebook, etc.  Listen to the quiet.
  1. Limit your buying habits. Don’t buy anything other than necessities—food, pay bills, etc.—for the next 30 days.
  1. Take time to do something you really love. One of my great enjoyments is a slow walk on the nature path where I can listen to the sound of the birds in the trees, the wind in the grass—and just observe God’s creation.  What do you love?
  1. Eat slowly. Take your time.  At dinner.    Take the time for a leisurely breakfast.  Savor the textures.
  1. Read a book for an evening.
  1. Drive slowly. Drive the speed limit.  Observe the road, other drivers, the scenery.
  1. Clean your desk. Get rid of all clutter.
  1. Make time to breathe.   Feel the air going in an out.  Make it deep.  Fill the lungs and say a prayer of gratitude.

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Published September 20, 2016

Topics: Culture Commentary

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