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Where Do You Find the Wealth?

Where do you find major donors? I get asked that question a lot. Of course, in many of those cases, people simply want me to give them a list. But the evidence is right in front of you. Look for age. What do I mean? A whopping 91.39% of all millionaire wealth rests in the hands of those 50 years of  »  Read More

4 Traits of the Demi-Billionaire

What’s a demi-billionaire, and what does one look like? A demi-billionaire has a net worth of $500 million and up. The 2018 WealthEngine Millionaire report identified them as having the following traits: 76.9% of them are business owners. 76.9% are board of director members. 63 years old is  »  Read More

Looking forward: A New Donor-advised Fund Era–Ministries!

There’s a new day coming for donor-advised funds. For nearly 18 years, the Servant Foundation affiliated with the National Christian Foundation. Over that period of time, the Servant Foundation has seen nearly $3 billion in contributions and $2 billion in grants. But now Servant Foundation is  »  Read More