Not Just a Manger – Part III

Not Just a Manger – Part III

by Bill High

Not just a manger.

It’s Christmas. Or at least it’s almost upon us.

In this three part series, I’ve been exploring the idea of the manger as the focal part of Christmas. In Part I, we expanded the manger to the larger narrative of family—an imperfect family with a divine destiny moving towards a new chapter in history. But in Part II, we placed that family in its proper lane—family is not the main character, but it does play an integral role in advancing God’s Kingdom. Back to the theme:

Christmas—it’s more than a manger. It’s more than a spot in time. It’s more than a Christmas card. It’s more than the spotlight in a Christmas play. It’s more than hymns, shopping, hot cocoa, shiny presents, stockings and trees. Indeed, it’s far more than just a manger.

It’s about God’s divine drama. He created a beautiful world. He desired for us to be in relationship with him. He gave us purpose and meaning. But our own rebellious nature led to a break in the relationship. And the rest of the story drives toward how a loving God seeks to restore the brokenness. A relentless love. A love that doesn’t make sense.

But a manger by itself won’t bring the restoration. Kings and judges can’t restore the relationship. Only God’s Son, Jesus, can bring that restoration, through sacrifice, through giving his own life.

The manger is the start of the journey that would lead to death. And to resurrection.

Hallelujah. Merry Christmas, truly, to you!


Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

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Published December 19, 2022

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