A Family Kind of Day

A Family Kind of Day

by Bill High

I started the day with breakfast with my nephew-in-law. The bacon was crisp, but it was better to have some good conversation with family. We talked about the normal things of the day but things that mattered to him, and to me.

I left there and made my way home. My three-year-old grandson was there for a visit. He shouted, “Papa!” when I entered. That always makes you feel good. We were enjoying two three-year-olds, in fact. My wife’s cousin and her three-year-old daughter were there. Toys littered the room and my entry found them emptying a cabinet and stacking cups on the floor.

A trip out for lunch and then it was nap time for our little guy. Of course, he never really naps but reads books in bed—quiet time, he calls it. Then it was time for Legos, farm toys, and packing back up for dinner with my daughter and son-in-law at their house.

Two more kids awaited us there—our newest grandchild, Ginny, and Fayre, our 21-month-old. Fixing supper, playing chase, and reading books made up the evening, capped off by a sleeping baby on my chest. Ginny squeaked a lot but eventually settled into a contented warm ball of baby. It was grand—truly.

Back at home, we dialed up our youngest son away at college and talked about his news. A good hour ticked away. He was in an unusually talkative mood. By the time the call ended our oldest son popped into our bedroom and sprawled his 6’2” frame on the floor. We reviewed the week, and his news as well. A round and regular kind of conversation until my wife started punching me in the arm.

I was drifting off to sleep. It was a family kind of day—from beginning to end.


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Published November 30, 2018

Topics: Lessons with Bill


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