A family code of conduct helps every member have a common set of expectations for behavior and attitudes toward the family.

What’s Included in Your Family Code of Conduct?

What’s Included in Your Family Code of Conduct?

by Bill High

Do you have a family code of conduct? Perhaps you have one and call it something else. Or the idea of a family code may be new to you. But let me back up a step or two to explain why I’m even talking about a code of conduct.

We see in the corporate world that often businesses adopt a set of values. Those values translate into a formal code of conduct included in the employee handbook. The code provides guidelines to employees on how they should interact with each other and with customers in a variety of situations. It frames behavior, attitudes and practices.

But what about a family code of conduct? I frequently write about stating your family’s core values. A code of conduct takes those values and spells them out a bit more.

Some of the more successful families that I see operate with a code. It provides a common point of reference and sets expectations for how family members will treat each other. For example, a family code might include some of the following:

  1. Complete the job.
  2. Do the right thing.
  3. Believe the best about each other.
  4. Family first.
  5. Be generous.
  6. Listen well. Ask questions.
  7. Serve one another.
  8. Communicate with gentleness.
  9. Be honest and direct.
  10. Don’t gossip.

Does your family see value in having such a code? What are some of the things you’d definitely include in your family code of conduct?



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Published December 18, 2020

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