What Is the Purpose of Family Anyway?

What Is the Purpose of Family Anyway?

by Bill High

We lead and host Family Legacy Workshops. They are a wonderful experience and lead families to a new understanding of the opportunity to steward their family relationships.

We typically start with a question: What’s the purpose of family?

The responses vary. Support for one another. Love. Community. Teaching values. Spiritual growth. A model for others. Safety.

All of those are good responses. But they are really just the beginning. We teach that family is meant to be multi-generational.

What do we mean? Take the counter point first. No one sets out to raise children who will turn on their values, rebel and become irresponsible adults. To the contrary, all of us hope that our children will carry on with a same or similar set of values and that we can enjoy relationship with them for years to come.

There is no greater grief than children who turn their back on their relationship with their parents.

Certainly, in other countries in the world, there is a far greater appreciation of multi-generational families. For instance, some of the oldest family-owned businesses have continued for hundreds of years.

Family is meant to be multi-generational. 

What’s your view?



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Published October 24, 2021

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