The Seven Generation Legacy – Can It Be Yours?

The Seven Generation Legacy – Can It Be Yours?

by Bill High

When you meet with most advisors, they encourage you to think of retirement. “Plan for the long term” is the adage. But what about seven generations?

In Jeremiah 35, God asks Jeremiah to bring in the Recabite family and offer them wine to drink. (For context, this is a period of time when Jeremiah questions whether any are faithful.) However, when the Recabites come in before Jeremiah, they refuse to drink the wine. Their response, in essence: “We don’t drink wine, we don’t build houses, we live in tents, and we don’t plant gardens because our forefather Jonadab son of Recab told us not to.”

Incredibly, Jonadab son of Recab had issued this command approximately 250 years before. Can you imagine your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren still following your command 250 years later?

As I’ve studied the scriptures, I’ve found that God always has a reason for everything he creates, including families. God creates families and their values to endure. Could your family and your values endure for seven generations?

Consider what would happen if that occurred. If we had family after family still following a set of biblical values—generation after generation, our world would look dramatically different.


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Published August 9, 2016

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