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Are You Missing This Ingredient in Your Holiday Traditions?

Are You Missing This Ingredient in Your Holiday Traditions?

by Bill High

Do you remember reading about feasts in the Bible?

Perhaps you have, and perhaps you’ve skipped right over them or at best scanned them briefly. There are seven of them in fact. They all have different names and purposes.

But have you ever wondered what the real purpose of those feasts was? Think about it. The entire nation took a break from work. They gathered as families around their temple. They ate food. They celebrated. And they told stories of the past. They remembered the great work of God in their lives and their nation.

It was a time to remember. They looked back with gratitude so they could look forward with optimism. And they did this seven times a year!

Here in America we’ve gotten down to a few holidays. Christmas. Thanksgiving. And maybe Easter. While there are other national holidays, like Labor Day, they still tend to be days where we continue the same frenetic pace. And even Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to be days of big meals, watching sports together, exchanging gifts, but little of the intentional storytelling of the Jewish feasts.

Is it any wonder that our children are not connected to the stories of the past? Is it any wonder that they don’t know what it cost to get to today?



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Published December 6, 2021

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