What Does It Take To Be Generous?

What Does It Take To Be Generous?

by Bill High

It was late. I was tired and cold. It was Monday night in the airport, and I was trying to get home.

To top it off, my flight was delayed. Not by a lot, but enough to be annoying.

I decided to swing by a coffee shop and pick up the ultimate comfort drink—a hot cocoa. I tried one of the chain places and they didn’t offer it. Still another was closing.

Finally, I found one little store that seemed the perfect spot. But their door was only halfway open. I squeezed inside and the manager told me politely they were also closing.

Maybe it was something in my eye, weary as it was, but she asked, “But what do you need?”

“Just a hot cocoa,” I replied. She smiled and said, “Well, if that’s all, we’ll do it!” And she commenced—heating, stirring, even dropping in a little cinnamon and whipped cream. We exchanged small talk. I told her I was a traveler just trying to get home, and that it had been a long day!

She presented my drink and said with a smile, “Hot chocolate with love!” I laughed, smiled and exited the still half-open door.

It doesn’t take much to be generous. A few extra minutes, hot chocolate and love.



Photo by Hanna Balan on Unsplash

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Published February 7, 2022

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