The Generous Jesus — Just Time

The Generous Jesus — Just Time

by Bill High

Fame can be addicting.  Even a little bit.

And after he healed a few people, the word spread.  But the scriptures tell us, “But now even more the report about him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. “ Luke 5.15

As the report grew, Jesus was a rock star.  People came for miles.  They all wanted to be healed whether it be the tweak in their back, the stiff neck, or the more serious malady—those things which the medicine of the day could not handle.

And the scriptures tell us, that sometimes the crowds would press around him.  They just wanted to touch him—to experience the power of his healing.  The people didn’t want to leave him.  In fact, Luke writes and says “And the people sought him and came to him, and would have kept him from leaving them…”  They were like hungry autograph seekers but worse they were life seekers.  They had brokenness that needed fixing.

Somehow Jesus was willing to toil late into the evening and even into the early morning hours.  But unlike the weary doctor with the last patient of the day, somehow it seems that Jesus maintained his compassion and care even to the last patient.

He gave his time.  He was generous.

I find that I’m too slow to give that time.  Even as the crowds wait, hungry for more, I’m afraid, I’d want to slip out for my own sustenance, my own respite.

Jesus was generous with his time.  I’ve got more contemplating to do, and more action in this area.

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Published November 22, 2016

Topics: Generosity


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