How Generosity Changed Everything— Lessons from Corinth, Part II

How Generosity Changed Everything— Lessons from Corinth, Part II

by Bill High

Does generosity change everything?

From my last blog, I spoke of the Apostle Paul visiting the city of Corinth and bringing a message of hope coming from god who called for singular worship.  That message was dropped into a Greek culture that provided itself on independent and wide-ranging open thought.  In other words, everything could be embraced.

Who were these Corinthians?

These people had a long history.  Their city was old and established.  As a city of trade, they had wealth.  There was no doubt a certain pride, which came with the statement, “I come from Corinth.”  They were used to people coming into their city and sharing ideas.  Accordingly, they were used to filtering through ideas and taking sides.

In the same way they were used to trying on new ideas, they were also used to trying out new lifestyles.  Experience was king.    As a result, when Paul came with the compelling message of a singular god who expressed unconditional love for those who obeyed and followed, they were intrigued.  In fact, some quickly followed.

But just as they’d done in the past, they tended to pick sides.  Some picked Paul.  Some picked other Christian teachers.  It was not long before they were a church of factions—following leaders of their liking, and taking positions on everything related to the church, including lifestyles, sex, service, and spiritual gifts.

They were a pot boiling over.  They were a mess.  In their desperation, they wrote Paul a letter and asked him to give them some authoritative view on how to clean up their mess.  That’s why Paul wrote his letter to them.

But still the question, how would generosity change everything?  Keep reading to the next blog.

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Published April 28, 2016

Topics: Generosity


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