Give Away Your Attention Deficit Disorder

Give Away Your Attention Deficit Disorder

by Bill High

                  This blog is not about curing attention deficit disorder.  It’s about giving it away.

                  I consider myself a multi-tasker—probably like a lot of you.  I like doing lots of things and having more than one thing going at a time.  But I found myself convicted by the scene I saw the other night.

                  I was out with my bride of nearly 24 years celebrating a nice Valentine’s dinner out.  It was fun to remember our years together.  We still laugh because she always thought I was going to propose on Valentine’s, but I didn’t want to be that predictable.  It was fun to be out and to look around the restaurant and realize how many other couples were probably sharing similar kinds of memories.

                  But at the table right next to us was a dad with his little girl.  She’d dressed up for the occasion, complete with a dress, slick black shoes, and a little headband with velvet hearts.  I could only guess that he had custody for the evening.  And while their dinner progressed, I couldn’t help but notice how he tapped away on his Blackberry.  The persistent buzz of his phone must’ve been too much to ignore while his little girl seemed to be off in her own world entertaining herself.

                  Attention deficit disorder.  Oh, how we fail to pay attention to those we love most.  We need to give away our ADD and instead give our all to those God has placed right in front of us.

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Published February 16, 2011

Topics: Generosity

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