6 Questions for Reflection on your Generosity Journey

6 Questions for Reflection on your Generosity Journey

by Bill High

People who live generously don’t get there by accident. They make intentional decisions along they way to help them reach the place of being a joyfully generous individual. Here are six items to reflect on relating to your own generosity.

  1. Ownership or Stewardship: What is the difference between being an owner of your possessions and being a steward? How do you see yourself currently—owner or steward—and what difference does it make?
  2. How much to give: For many, the idea of giving 10% is seen as a destination point. What does scripture actually teach on this point, and perhaps is there a new or different level of generosity that you should consider in view of Christ’s sacrifice for you?
  3. Gratitude: As you look back upon your past, consider particular moments where God has shown you his mercy. List those moments.
  4. Faith: One of the areas that causes us to hold back in our generosity is when we worry about God’s ability to provide for us. Consider whether you have anxiety over God’s provision for you in your family, your business, or your giving. How can you address these areas of anxiety?
  5. Treasure: When people examine your life, what would they say that you treasure the most? Is your true treasure money, your reputation, your desire for security or comfort? Or would people say that Christ is your true treasure?
  6. Finish lines: At what point will you have enough income? Enough net worth? Enough sales? Enough profit? Will your answer always be that you need a little bit more, or can you set a finish line?

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Published February 9, 2016

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