3 Amazing Thoughts About the Royals World Series Parade

3 Amazing Thoughts About the Royals World Series Parade

by Bill High

The Kansas City Royals won the World Series. That statement is almost surreal given the 30 year drought and all the bad baseball that preceded it. Yet all the come behind victories left the city adoring their team and turned a   skeptical national media into believers.

In all the magic of the World Series run, there were many who noted the character and chemistry of the Royals. They were a team that would not quit, and they always seemed to believe. I think Dayton Moore’s quote about the organization summed up the difference best:

“I tell our people all the time, ‘We’re not any smarter than anyone else. There are a lot of smart people in baseball, and we’re just not going to outsmart them. We’re not smarter than anyone else, and we don’t work harder than anyone else either. But we have to care more than anyone else. That’s our best chance. We have to care more.”

In keeping with that theme, a crowd for the ages turned out for the World Series celebration parade. Some estimates ran as high as 800,000 people—that’s like most of the city. Schools closed. Some businesses closed. Traffic was jammed—everywhere near the parade.

It’s truly amazing. Stunning really. The pictures of the mass of people spark reflection:

  1. Heartwarming. It’s incredible to see a see a city unified in celebration brought together by a winning team. And not just a winning team, but the kind of team it was: fun, energetic, never-say-die attitude.
  2. Possibilities. I couldn’t help think of what could be. What would happen
    if our city came together around other causes—our children, the poor, the homeless, creating opportunity. Just think of what could happen: a city in celebration about the good we’ve accomplished.
  3. Past Celebrations. In 1923, a similar celebration in downtown Kansas City. Nearly 50,000 men gathered (at that time the city’s population was only 150,000. ) Their cause? Not a championship but instead, they came together to celebrate being the nation’s largest men’s bible study. The picture is below:


I have this dream that our city might be a city in celebration. Yes, I’d love more world championships, but I’d love even more if we could come together and celebrate behind a cause—the peace of our city.

What are you dreaming about?

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Published November 4, 2015

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