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Prepare your family to receive assets

It's vital to prepare family to receive assets

I’ve heard it said many times now and in various ways, but the principle is the same: we should prepare our families to receive assets. Too many times, I see families who work hard—incredibly hard—to build a portfolio of assets. The majority of their waking hours and working years are in  »  Read More

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Defining a Life Well Lived—Everyday Legacy

The measure of a life well lived includes the everyday actions and stories

A study on leaving a legacy found most people evaluate a life well lived in terms of loving relationships and social impact rather than money. Forbes contributor Richard Eisenberg summed up some of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch/Age Wave study’s key findings in an article, also mentioning  »  Read More

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Wealth Transfer Rises to $68 Trillion!

The great wealth transfer in the U.S. creates big opportunities with the next generations

The U.S. wealth transfer number has gone up. As recently as early fall of 2018, the going number for the Great Wealth Transfer was $59 trillion by 2030. But the projected wealth transfer is now an unprecedented $68 trillion over the next 25 years, according to a Fox Business article that reports  »  Read More

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