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Generosity for Impact: Solving the World’s Greatest Problems

Generosity for impact means working to solve the world's biggest problems

Have you heard the term megaphilanthropist? I hadn’t either until I read a Chronicle of Philanthropy article about what billionaire philanthropists are focusing their charitable efforts on, titled “Betting on Tomorrow.” These men and women have the vision to use their resources to  »  Read More

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The Jonathan Edwards Legacy—Why?

Perhaps you’ve read about it?  The profound legacy of Jonathan Edwards.  Edwards was the renowned preacher of the 1700s.  He and his wife, Sarah, had 11 children. Nearly 150 years after his death, A.E. Winship, educator and pastor, decided to trace the lineage of Edwards.  His legacy included  »  Read More

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Increased Longevity and the Impact on Family Business Succession

Life spans are increasing.  Medical technology and improved lifestyle habits are part of the reason.  But life spans have risen for 30 years. As a result of these increased life spans, there is an increasing possibility that three generations of family members might work in the family business.   »  Read More

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