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One Simple Key to Passing on Your Family Vision

Keep moving toward your family vision

Families with a multi-generational vision know that it takes buy-in from the members of the family “team.” Generation 1 may have dreamed up an inspiring vision for their family, but it won’t do much good if they don’t successfully transfer it to Generations 2 and 3. (I’ll address one » 

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7 Keys to Where Giving is Going in 2019

Going over giving strategy notes

We are just a few weeks into 2019.  For most organizations, the books have not fully closed on 2018 and thus it’s hard to fully gauge where giving landed last year.  But it’s not too soon to make some predictions about where giving is going in 2019. 1. First, a little good news: Asset giving » 

Relationships Matter When Transferring Your Family’s Most Valuable Assets

Family meeting around the table

I gathered with a group of legacy planners from around the country just recently.  The conversation was robust, and they articulated many common themes.  One theme came up again and again: Relational health in a family is of first importance if they are to succeed across generations. Often » 

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