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How Giving Is Changing in 2018

With 2017 now in the books, we look ahead. How will giving fare in 2018? There’s little doubt that we’ll continue to face the same storylines: how the stock market fares, how the economy grows (or doesn’t), the confidence level of the consumer, and the general good feeling (or lack thereof) » 

Are We Losing the Charitable Habit?

Every year Giving USA touts the new numbers for charitable giving. Each year those numbers cross the 300 billion dollar mark, and 2017 tallies are likely to be even higher. At first blush, the $300 billion number sounds impressive. But there’s something hiding beneath the numbers that is not » 

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Where Is Giving to the Church Going in 2018?

In January 2017, Dr. David King wrote an article titled “The Future of Philanthropy Looks Bright: 2017-2018 Charitable Growth Predictions.” He wrote on behalf of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, which is part of Indiana University’s Lilly School of Philanthropy. There, he noted that »