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The Legacy Mindset: How Do You View What You Have?

The legacy mindset is being faithful

Legacy is a mindset. But what “legacy mindset” must you have in order to succeed? When AJ began his business, he began with little thought to legacy. Mainly, he thought about surviving for the first few years. But eventually he crossed that hurdle, and the business actually reached a » 

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The Transforming Power of Gratitude and Generosity

Giving in a spirit of gratitude and generosity

A simple attitude change can make a surprising difference to our mental health and wellbeing, while also inclining us toward greater generosity. What is it? Gratitude! In 2017, $203.6 billion was spent on mental health sessions. That number is projected to continue growing to a whopping $230 » 

Fear, Greed and Generosity, All in a Day’s News

Lots of generosity and greed in the newspaper

Last week I was traveling across the country. Sometimes, I’ll pick up a newspaper or two. Today, it’s the USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. I’ve got a friend who always told me to read the newspaper for the insight that others might miss. In reading USA Today, I can’t help seeing the »