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Let’s Increase Giving Among the Masses

Giving has grown in popularity among wealthy Americans, as evidenced by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge. On the other hand, the number of givers reporting gifts on their income tax returns has dropped by as much as 7% with only 24% of all people reporting making a charitable » 

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What Are Your Thoughts on the Church of the Future?

The church is changing . . . again. Throughout history, the church has adapted, evolved, grown, and shrunk. Where will it go in America in the next 20 years? Some have pronounced the church’s demise, while others tout its growth. I’d like your opinions. To stir your thoughts, I’m giving you » 

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

It’s an age-old question. Some researchers sought to end the debate. Two researchers from the University of British Columbia studied whether those who make frequent material purchases are happier than those who make experiential purchases.¹ They focused upon the momentary happiness that people » 

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