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The World’s Richest People and A Little Wisdom on Wealth

Solomon's wisdom on wealth was from one who'd arrived

Money’s a funny thing. Most people spend their lives wishing they had it as they toil away at their jobs. We worry about it in our off hours, and for some it’s a pleasant daydream to think about arriving. A few actually get it. They arrive. What if that were you? What would you do if your net » 

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A Brief History of Nonprofit Fundraising in the U.S.

Nonprofit Fundraising Planning Meeting

In the United States, we accept the current state of the nonprofit fundraising world—lots of nonprofit organizations and lots of fundraising requests. But it wasn’t always this way. In Martin Morse Wooster’s You Can Succeed at Protecting your Legacy, he points out that in 1900 most » 

How to Teach Generosity to Your Children

Teach generosity at home by modeling and talking about giving

Every parent is in the business of transferring values to their children, whether they’ve thought a lot about it or not. Children pick up on values by observing what’s important to their parents and what’s not. Children also catch values by how their parents choose to spend time together as a » 

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