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Why I Don’t Give

This week I sat down with a long time friend of mine. He’s well into his 80s. About 10 years ago, he made his first major gift. At the time of the gift, he called me and told me that he finally felt like he could die. He felt such relief and freedom in making the gift. Since that time, however, his giving has slowed to a trickle. While his income has also slowed, his net worth suggests the need for more current giving. But our talks have stalled.

The Power of the Gift—Part II

Gordon Gekko is back on Wall Street, at least so the movie trailers tell us. He’s a ruthless trader bent upon money and power. What affinity does Gordon Gekko produce? Admiration? Devotion? Fear?

The Power of the Gift—Part II

Not long ago, I witnessed a group of men give away a van to a woman who was transporting inner city kids to school. The kids were there when the van was given away. When the keys were presented to the woman, I heard one of the kids in the background exclaim, “Who does this sort of thing?”

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