Thinking Long Term

Thinking Long Term

by Bill High

When we think about family, we might want to think longer term.

For many of us, the idea of thinking long term for our families might be getting through the weekend and the myriad of sports activities, clubs, dance, birthday parties, etc.

But there truly are some families who have demonstrated longevity.[1] Here’s just a few examples:

House of Grimaldi aka the Royal Family of Monaco was founded in 1160 AD by Grimaldo Canella in Genoa, Italy. The House of Grimaldi has ruled in Monaco since the 12th century.

House of Oldenburg The family tree begins with Elimar, the Count of Oldenburg, in 1101 AD in Northern Germany.  As was common for the day, the Oldenburg family married into other noble families. As such, they have members in Denmark, Norway, Green, Russia, Wales and England.

  House of Habsburg-Lorraine — This family was founded in 11th Century AD by Radbot, the Count of Habsburg in modern day Southwestern Germany. This family still holds key leadership positions in Austrian society.

British Royal Family — They’ve made the news with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. But the family was founded in 9th century AD by Alfred the Great in England. Despite having no official political power or operating business, have the respect of millions around the world.

Kong Family —This family was founded by Confucius in 551 AD in China.  This family is reported to have the oldest written and documented family tree of any in the world. Because of that documentation, there are an estimate 3 million members registered with the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee. They are in their 83rd generation!

Imperial House of Japan — Emperor Jimmu established the family in 660 BC in Japan. They are the world’s oldest continuous hereditary monarchy.

Admittedly, some of these old historical families don’t always have written records for every step of the way. Nonetheless, they demonstrate a generational mindset.

Equally important, we know that families that think and practice a generational mindset find themselves more at ease, more at peace because they belong to something bigger than themselves.

How is your generational mindset?


[1] Oldest Family Trees Ever,

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

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Published November 21, 2022

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