Do You Call This Man a Success?

Do You Call This Man a Success?

by Bill High

He died at the age of 43 following an emergency appendectomy.  Prior to that time, he’d spent the majority of his time pursuing higher education.  He attended the University of Edinburgh, followed by Dunoon College, with stints at bible colleges in Cincinnati, OH and the Tokyo Bible School.

For a decade, he was either a traveling speaker, teaching at a bible college or serving as a YMCA chaplain.  Along the way, he did manage to author three books—none of which were well received

After his death, his wife, who was accomplished in shorthand, began to transcribe his many sermons and lectures.  In 1927, she published My Utmost for His Highest.

Perhaps you know the book and the author?  Oswald Chambers was the author but transcribed by his wife Gertrude Chambers.  This little devotional book has never been out of print and been translated into 39 languages and inspired millions of people.

Not surprisingly, at the age of 22, Oswald Chambers penned these words:  “I feel I shall be buried for a time, hidden away in obscurity; then suddenly I shall flame out, do my work, and be gone.”

Success?  It seems that we are too quick to judge what happens in our span of years and not in what happens after our passing.

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Published September 8, 2016

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