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Advisors, Will You Lose Your Clients?

A recent issue of Investment News pointed out a shocking statistic: 66% of children fire their parents’ financial advisor after they receive an inheritance. That news is particularly troubling given that, over the next 30 years, there is expected to be a $30 trillion wealth transfer. Some have » 

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The Wall Street Journal Mansion?

Friday, September 8, 2017, and the Wall Street Journal is talking about mansions. They note the following: The former 4,800-square-foot home of Green Acres star Eddie Albert listed for $19.5 million. The current owner, Jay Griffith, bought the home for $7 million in 2006 and renovated it. He’s » 

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Financial Psychology—A New Field?

Most people have heard of psychology. But financial psychology? Not so much. Two professors, a father and son team, Ted and Brad Klontz, are seeking to change that. “Behaviors regarding money are the leading cause of things like divorce,” says Dr. Ted Horowitz, the director of the Center for »