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7 Verses About Generations

In our Western world, we tend to think about the here and now—the immediate. It’s so much about job, career, taking the next step. There was a time, however, when people had to think beyond themselves. They had to think about generations—the people that would come behind them. Farmers would » 

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7 Observations About the Top Givers of 2016

Earlier this year, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, in its February 2017 edition, listed the top givers of 2016. The list included many names that are recognizable, like Bill and Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Michael Bloomberg, and Paul Allen. The list and the amounts is enlightening, but here are » 

The Money Lessons of John the Baptist

Did you know that John the Baptist taught about money? John the Baptist was the guy who prepared the way for Jesus. He taught that a messiah was coming. But John wasn’t exactly a GQ kind of guy. He went to the wilderness. He wore a camel’s hair tunic, which he bound up with a belt. I can’t » 

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