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Do You Really Want to Leave That Legacy Property to Your Children?

Ah, the family lake house—such an enjoyable place. Fond memories, summer evenings, fish fries: The photos on the wall tell such a warm and pleasant story. But will that story continue after you are gone? Who gets to use it, and when? Why does Susie get to use it more than Joanie? And if there are » 

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Does My Spouse Know Whom to Talk to When I’m Gone?

When Steve died, the family was shocked in more ways than one. His untimely death from heart attack just wasn’t in the cards. But his youngest son was surprised to find out that he was the trustee and placed in the unenviable position of dictating his father’s wishes to his older » 

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50% of High-Net-Worth Families Have Not Disclosed Wealth to Their Children

A September 2016 article in the Harvard Business Review notes that over 50% of high-net-worth families have not told their children about their wealth.¹ Why is it hard to talk to our children about our wealth? I remember when my son was in high school. He took a personal finance class, and he » 

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