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Christmas—The Expectant Child

What’s not to like about Christmas? The season of tinsel, glitter, gifts, and family—right? Well, for many, the truth is that Christmas is a season of heartbreak, loss, and loneliness. I’ve got a friend who lost a child right before Christmas; and in my own family, my father passed away a » 

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If You Want to Lead a Life of Joy, Start at Christmas

It’s here. That time of year. Kettle bell ringers. Festive decorations. Office parties. Presents wrapped with bows. Lots of cards. A full mailbox. Crowded malls, crowded streets. And sometimes, if we can drag ourselves away from the noise, a question: What’s it all about? I suspect everyone, if » 

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Christmas Facts

Here are some facts about Christmas taken from—“History of Christmas.”¹ I share these facts to help take some of the commercial glitter off Christmas and to remind us that it really is about the story of how God sent his son, Jesus, as redeemer for all mankind. Each year, 30-35 » 

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