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Will Your Advisors Outlive You?


I’ve seen many clients make great choices for lawyers and financial advisors to administer their estate and their finances.  But in some of those cases, their lawyers and financial advisors might not outlive them. It’s a planning risk to be taken seriously. In some cases, many clients rely » 

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What do I Do with My Estate If I Don’t Have Children


Some families choose not to have children.  Some families are prevented from  having children—whether because of infertility or otherwise.  Or of course, there are single individuals who accumulate some level of wealth on their own. So without a spouse and without children what do these people » 

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Trump Drives Two Movements


The January 23, 2017 headline of USA Today proclaimed it:  Trump drives two movements.  In describing the two movements, the article described a “legion of Americans Trump as a refreshingly pugnacious leader with a promise to shake the regulatory order…” On the other hand, the article » 

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