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Should Donors Be Willing to Give to Overhead?


In the giving world, the supposed magic standard is to spend no more than 10% of your budget towards overhead.  Similarly, I hear some foundations and some donors describe and prescribe that 10% is their benchmark for qualifying an organization. The theory is that donors don’t want to pay for » 

5 Ways Trump Will Impact the NonProfit World—An Early Look


Let’s face it.  Few saw this coming—the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump.  Even some of the most balanced people I know suggested that the business and financial world was preparing for a Clinton presidency. Call it what you will, but the benefit of Clinton presidency was that many » 

Poor Pastors—Literally?


Pastors and money—it’s not a subject you hear a lot about.  But the July/August 2016 Christianity Today noted a survey from the National Association of Evangelicals on Pastors and their money.  Here are some of the interesting findings: 29% had no money in personal savings 33% had less than » 

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