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Giving Dropped by $7 billion in 2018 Among Major Donors

Giving dropped steeply for major donors in 2018

In 2018, major donors on the Chronicle of Philanthropy Top 50 listed gave $7.8 billion. That represents a marked decline from the $14.7 billion that the Top 50 gave in 2017. Among the gifts: Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos gave $2 billion (two months before announcing their divorce). Michael Bloomberg » 

Family Offices Continue to Grow

Family offices continue to grow

Family offices are increasing in number and in influence, with a rapid increase in assets. Ernst and Young estimated in its 2016 Family Office Guide that there are over 10,000 single family offices around the globe. At least half of them have been set up in the past 15 years. Around 2,350 family » 

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Generosity for Impact: Solving the World’s Greatest Problems

Generosity for impact means working to solve the world's biggest problems

Have you heard the term megaphilanthropist? I hadn’t either until I read a Chronicle of Philanthropy article about what billionaire philanthropists are focusing their charitable efforts on, titled “Betting on Tomorrow.” These men and women have the vision to use their resources to » 

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