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Okay, Let’s Do Something Crazy!

My friend Frank is a financial advisor. Sometimes he gets a mischievous grin on his face—especially when he’s heard a good story. And to be honest, he likes a little risk, a little fun. So it was he told me the story of a young man who’d been building his own little stockpile—the typical » 

Where to Invest Now!

That was the cover title of the July 2017 Kiplinger’s—Where to Invest Now. And for good measure, they even provided the page number—46, to be precise. So I turned there. Page 46. I read with interest. There was a nice captivating graphic that showed the cyclical up-and-down arrows of the » 

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Generous Wife. Generous Life.

You’ve heard the saying “happy wife, happy life!” But have you ever heard the saying, “generous wife, generous life?” Not long ago I was on a plane back home with my wife beside me. It was a long flight, the plane was full, and many passengers had taken to snoozing. As a result, when the » 

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