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The Giving Family

By this time of January, the holiday glow is off, but with it comes time to reflect on what just occurred. At Christmas, we take time as a family to sit down and make monetary gifts as a family. Typically, we make allocations according to age—the older ones get more to give away. (We may be ending that practice soon given what I witnessed among my younger boys.)

The Ill of Jared Loughner

I googled Jared Loughner and got 52 million results. The news media is calling it the Tragedy in Tucson. And with the shootings, the pundits have come out on all sides. Some call for gun control. Some have attempted to root out or look for conspiracy theory themes. All express outrage—some of it moral, some political. Some have called him a right wing extremist. Others have even pondered his monetary philosophy.

American Greed

Do you believe that Americans are greedy? I saw an advertisement recently for a documentary called American Greed. Truthfully, I reacted a bit. While we’ve seen certain politicians call out American greed and our lack of attention to the poor, I found myself pausing.