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Dogfood Generosity

Dusty, our golden retriever, has two favorite times of day—breakfast and dinner. That’s all that he gets. The vet says it will keep him trim, and so far that is the case.

How to Fail at Donor Relationships—Part II

Ron had finally managed to set up what he thought was one of those mountaintop meetings—a key major donor. He thought he’d arrived. This man was known to be generous and quick to give.

How to Fail at Donor Relationships—Part I

Not long ago a ministry approached me wanting a grant. This is not a new happening. I’m used to the idea. And let me confess, the traditional paradigm of ministry funding has ruled for decades. In this traditional model a ministry presents its vision, tells a story illustrating the vision, and then everyone stands back and says, “wow.” From there a check is written.