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The Haircutter’s Legacy

You know how you intend to do some things and never really get around to them, and then it’s too late. So it is with this piece. I intended to write it a long time ago but life got in the way. Because it’s a bit overdue, you’ll have to be patient and read a bit longer.

Who Will Mourn For You?

“Funeral services will be…” Those were the words of a text I received from a good friend just the other day. His father had just died—suddenly, unexpectedly. While his dad was 77 years old, he was still in great health and his passing caught everyone by surprise.

Why Can’t Donors Be Generous?

The look was twisted, passionate, and intense. His desire was for the gospel of Christ to advance all around the world, and in his own immediate neighborhood. He had a plan. He had curriculum. He had people following, and people to lead. All it seemed that he needed was resources. Money.