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7 Giving Trends for the Remainder of 2017

As we head into the second half of 2017, there’s still a story to be written about charitable giving trends. In Inside Philanthropy, David Callahan writes about a number of those trends.¹ In sorting out those issues, here are 7 trends (with one of my own) that I cull out from his list: Record  »  Read More

How Charities Can Respond to Trump’s Tax Breaks

In the April 2017 issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy, Eugene Steuerle writes a thought-provoking article called “Charities Need to Increase Giving, Not Just Ask for Tax Breaks.” His point is simple: in the wake of potential tax breaks offered by Trump’s tax plan, charities need to do more to  »  Read More

The Coming Nonprofit Leadership Void

In December 2016, the Slingshot Group published a whitepaper called Who’s Leading Next?  The paper addresses the fact that in the nonprofit world that many top level leadership positions are held by the Boomer generation. On the other hand, there are 10,000 Boomers turning age 65 daily until the  »  Read More