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7 Keys to Where Giving is Going in 2019

Going over giving strategy notes

We are just a few weeks into 2019.  For most organizations, the books have not fully closed on 2018 and thus it’s hard to fully gauge where giving landed last year.  But it’s not too soon to make some predictions about where giving is going in 2019. 1. First, a little good news: Asset giving  »  Read More

Where Do You Find the Wealth?

Where do you find major donors? I get asked that question a lot. Of course, in many of those cases, people simply want me to give them a list. But the evidence is right in front of you. Look for age. What do I mean? A whopping 91.39% of all millionaire wealth rests in the hands of those 50 years of  »  Read More

4 Traits of the Demi-Billionaire

What’s a demi-billionaire, and what does one look like? A demi-billionaire has a net worth of $500 million and up. The 2018 WealthEngine Millionaire report identified them as having the following traits: 76.9% of them are business owners. 76.9% are board of director members. 63 years old is  »  Read More