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Is Your Library Burning? 7 Ways to Stop the Fire

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage: when a great person dies, a library burns. And to be fair, it’s not just a great person. When a loved one dies, his or her story passes away too. That truth is particularly painful for me. In the past several months, I’ve had some key relatives pass away. One  »  Read More

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13 Memorable Epitaphs

An epitaph—it’s usually the phrase written on a tombstone by which a person wants to be remembered. Many epitaphs are the ordinary, i.e., loving father, devoted wife, beloved sister, etc. But some people really get creative—in positive and negative ways. Here are some samples: Merv Griffin  »  Read More

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Facts About Family Business

Did you know that 50% of US GNP is generated by family businesses¹ Only 30% of family businesses survive to the 2nd generation² 90% of all businesses are owned or controlled by families³ Despite the success factors of family business succession, 88% of all business owners believe that their  »  Read More

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