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Why Don’t We Complete Estate Plans?

A 2016 WealthCounsel survey on estate planning offers some interesting insights on why Americans don’t complete their estate planning. Forty-three percent of Americans don’t have a will. Some of the reasons include the following: 25% of respondents didn’t want to talk about an estate plan  »  Read More

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8 Generations of Cologne?

Farina cologne order letter
Letter for one of the orders of Farina’s new fragrance, 1716
Photo Credit: Public domain

Have you ever heard of cologne? Most people would say, “Sure!” But have you ever heard of the Farina family? Farina and cologne actually go together. In 1709, Giovania Maria Farina founded his company in Cologne, Germany. Their company’s creation: perfume. Their original perfume was  »  Read More

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God’s Architect and the Masterpiece of Legacy

Have you heard of God’s architect? His name is Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish born architect who died in 1926.  His faith influenced his architectural design. UNESCO has declared seven of his works World Heritage Sites, which lead to him being declared as God’s architect. Sagrada Familia, a  »  Read More

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