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The Failed Bloom of the Astors

Flowers only last for a season.  Such was the case of the Astor family. John Jacob Astor was born in 1763 in Germany.  He emigrated to New York at the end of the Revolutionary War.  A chance conversation led him into fur trading and the establishment of a fur goods shop in New York. That little  »  Read More

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Bart Farmer and the Dream of The Homeless Foundation

Some people have dreams and stop there. Others have dreams and take action. Bart Farmer was one of those guys. An entrepreneur by heart. But the stuff it takes to build a business is sometimes different from what it takes to see the world with heart. Bart had both. He lived in an affluent  »  Read More

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A Time to Remember: Frank Mall, Monte Clark, Don Bell, Roger Campbell, Bruce Pfuetze

New beginnings call for remembering roots. Many of you know that we began the Servant Foundation (originally, the Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City) in June 2000. We are a donor-advised-fund organization, and we chose to affiliate with the National Christian Foundation as our backroom  »  Read More

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