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Lessons from Jose Fernandez

If you are a baseball fan, then you recognize the name Jose Fernandez. He was a rising superstar for the Miami Marlins.  At 24, he’d already pitched 4 seasons in the major leagues with a sterling 38-17 record and an earned run average below 3.00.  He  »  Read More

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4 Key Questions About Family Wealth

When I work with families with higher net worth, they often ask the same questions about how to handle their wealth. Their questions generally cover the following 4 key areas: If I pass on wealth to my family, how will it affect them? How will my family manage the affairs of my estate and any  »  Read More

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Do you call this man a Success?

He died at the age of 43 following an emergency appendectomy.  Prior to that time, he’d spent the majority of his time pursuing higher education.  He attended the University of Edinburgh, followed by Dunoon College, with stints at bible colleges in Cincinnati, OH and the Tokyo Bible School. For  »  Read More

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