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2 Surprising Keys to Preserving your Family Legacy

Too often when people think about preserving family legacy, they consider two things: preserving financial assets and preparing estate documents that provide for estate tax savings. While those are important elements, they are only true if we determine that family legacy consists only of financial  »  Read More

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Pitfalls of Passing Stock to Children

I’ve seen it often. A business owner grows his business.  As the business grows, so does the stock value.  Inevitably, the question comes:  what am I going to do with the stock? If there are no immediate plans to sell, the advice is often to pass some stock to the kids at a lower valuation.   »  Read More

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Why 70% of Wealthy Families will lose their Money with the Next Generation?

A recent article in Money magazine tells of the difficulty of holding on to wealth in the second generation. Stephen Lovell, a financial planner, describes going to his grandfather’s house and being impressed by their house, cars, boats and all their  »  Read More

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