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The Power of Memory in Family Legacy

In Jewish culture and the Old Testament, families celebrate the Passover. The Passover is their story of trial and suffering while in the land of Egypt. Ultimately, God delivers them from their slavery. As part of their celebration of Passover, a dinner is held with elaborate preparations and  »  Read More

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How a 9 Year Old Boy Leaves a Legacy

Every now and then you get a glimpse of heaven. And your legacy. I have a son-in-law, Phillip. He comes from a family of 13. His youngest brother, David, is 9 years old. On Wednesday, David was crossing the road to get the mail when he was hit by a pickup truck. He was killed instantly. Yesterday  »  Read More

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A Special Thanksgiving Story

Here in this holiday season, I wanted to post a story that reminds us to reflect and look back. Recently, I’ve had occasion to consider all the people who positively impacted me—people like my fourth grade teacher who encouraged me to run for class president, my  »  Read More

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