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God’s architect and the masterpiece of legacy

Have you heard of God’s architect? His name is Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish born architect who died in 1926.  His faith influenced his architectural design. UNESCO has declared seven of his works World Heritage Sites, which lead to him being declared as God’s architect. Sagrada Familia, a  »  Read More

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Debunking 3 Myths About Legacy

Legacy.  It’s a word that holds value. But I’m afraid we’ve let the word take on meaning that doesn’t represent its true state.  Here are 3 myths we need to overcome: Legacy is for the rich. Historically when we think of legacy, we tend to think of it as the amount of money we’ll leave  »  Read More

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The 100 Year Family

Can a family last 100 years? A few years ago, Inc. Magazine ran an article titled: “How to Build a Company that Will be Around in 2115 (October 2015).  The premise of the article focused on how in the current age most companies are positioned to sell.  Investors are willing to put up big money  »  Read More

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