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Surprising Facts About the Charitable Bequests of the Wealthy

What are the habits of the wealthy when it comes to leaving money by way of their estate?
A recent article in Give & Take (September 2017) noted the most recent IRS information on charitable gifts made through estates:
Thirty percent of women  »  Read More

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Sue, Storykeepers, and Us

March 1st was a big day. It’s the day I asked my wife, Brooke, to marry me. It’s also the day that we lost her mother. Brooke’s mom (Sue) was a kind and wonderful mother. She was also a super grandmother. She had worked as an OB/GYN nurse and was present at the hospital for the  »  Read More

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The Single Worst Question to Ask in Family Legacy—Part III

Exercise of poor character can’t be blamed on personality. I’ve been discussing the worst question to ask in family legacy discussions: Why can’t you be like me? It’s such a poor question because it assumes that the person that you are speaking to is not adequate and needs  »  Read More

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