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41% of Owners Plan Business Exit, But Many Unprepared

Planning is essential for a successful business exit

A recent UBS Investor Watch study notes that a whopping 41% of business owners expect to exit their business within the next 5 years. That business exit looks like the following: 51% expect to sell Only 20% expected to leave the business to family 18% expected to shut it down and 10% were unsure  »  Read More

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Failed Legacy? He Gave His Life for a Tribe

Who is the judge of a failed legacy?

It’s been several months since John Allen Chau died on North Sentinel Island, and the resulting uproar has quieted down. Since November, critics and defenders of the 26-year-old missionary have written volumes about his actions and his motivations. Many would argue that John left a failed legacy  »  Read More

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The Surprising Strength of the Interdependent Family

Find ways to remain an interdependent family

In family businesses, the startup season is often marked by struggle and interdependence. Families have to pull together, tighten their belts, sweat the lean times and bend the knee in prayer. Read stories of the early years in many family businesses (or try starting a business!) and you can  »  Read More

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