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Are You Planning for Generations?

A legacy advisor helps a family plan for generations

It used to be that as a financial advisor you were doing great if you worked with your client, planned a good retirement for them and an inheritance for the children and maybe even the grandchildren. But those days are changing, giving rise to a new field of expertise: the legacy advisor. Consider  »  Read More

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Defining a Life Well Lived—Everyday Legacy

The measure of a life well lived includes the everyday actions and stories

A study on leaving a legacy found most people evaluate a life well lived in terms of loving relationships and social impact rather than money. Forbes contributor Richard Eisenberg summed up some of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch/Age Wave study’s key findings in an article, also mentioning  »  Read More

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The Legacy of Faithfully Doing the Next Thing

Faithfully doing the next thing can have a big impact

Frank will tell you that he never had a strategic plan. He just always did what God put in front of him. The impact of faithfully doing the next thing is far greater than he ever expected. Like most people, he got a job, got married, and had kids. He built a life around family. He came to Christ in  »  Read More

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