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Why Do I Write About Family Legacy?

Sometimes people ask me, “Why do you write about family legacy?” When people think about family legacy, they tend to think about rich people, money and cumbersome estate documents. But that’s not what legacy means.  My own  »  Read More

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Lessons from the Absalom Legacy

How do the best leaders sometimes make a mess of their family? David was the second king in the history of Israel.  His resume was remarkable. He entered the throne in a time of tumult but brought unity to his kingdom.  He subdued the surrounding nations  »  Read More

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The Power of Memory in Family Legacy

In Jewish culture and the Old Testament, families celebrate the Passover. The Passover is their story of trial and suffering while in the land of Egypt. Ultimately, God delivers them from their slavery. As part of their celebration of Passover, a dinner is held with elaborate preparations and  »  Read More

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