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[Guest Post] Re-Discovering Legacy in a Lost Generation – Lindsay Diederichs

LEGACY: for some this word conjures up pictures of grand estates, family trusts, classic cars and eccentric heirlooms. A term reserved for an elite class of individuals with large fortunes to ‘bequeath’ to their lucky heirs. But as Christians, we know the most important thing we leave to the  »  Read More

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Saving Samantha—the Lost Legacy

We met her in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.  The weather was mild for February—just warm enough to eat dinner in the open air, if we had a heater nearby.  People-watching comes at a premium at these sidewalk tables. As we ate, Samantha caught our attention.  She bustled about from table to  »  Read More

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Write a Letter to Your 80 Year Old Self

My son came home from college and told me about his gerontology class assignment.  Write a letter to your 80 year old self! Imagine that it’s your 80th birthday—what letter would you write?  What advice would you have?  What hobbies and interests would you have cultivated?  What subjects  »  Read More

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