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The Seven Generation Legacy – Can It Be Yours?

When you meet with most advisors, they encourage you to think of retirement. “Plan for the long term” is the adage. But what about seven generations? In Jeremiah 35, God asks Jeremiah to bring in the Recabite family and offer them wine to drink. (For context, this is a period of time when  »  Read More

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Writing A Terrible Life’s Legacy

Can you imagine writing a terrible legacy for your life? All it takes is one choice. For Jeroboam, this choice came at the pinnacle of his career. Jeroboam, one of the kings of Israel, started out with great promise. He caught the eye of his boss. He won assignment after assignment. Before becoming  »  Read More

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What’s Your Share of the $14 Trillion in Government Debt?

How much do you owe? The April 14, 2016, Time magazine headlined an article titled, “The United States of Insolvency.”  In the article, author James Grant notes the path to the United States’ nearly $14 trillion dollars of government debt. Grant makes a simple point:  America owes more than  »  Read More

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