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The Jonathan Edwards Legacy—Why?

Perhaps you’ve read about it?  The profound legacy of Jonathan Edwards.  Edwards was the renowned preacher of the 1700s.  He and his wife, Sarah, had 11 children. Nearly 150 years after his death, A.E. Winship, educator and pastor, decided to trace the lineage of Edwards.  His legacy included  »  Read More

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Will Your Advisors Outlive You?

I’ve seen many clients make great choices for lawyers and financial advisors to administer their estate and their finances.  But in some of those cases, their lawyers and financial advisors might not outlive them. It’s a planning risk to be taken seriously. In some cases, many clients rely  »  Read More

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What do you think of the Obama Legacy?

As of the time of this writing, President Obama delivered his farewell speech.  It was one final speech to attempt to sum up eight years of work. Not surprisingly, there are many gathering on both sides of the aisle to assess his legacy.  The USA Today (January 10, 2017) described it as “Obama  »  Read More

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