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Nanny Job with a Maserati?

I had to smile at a recent August 2017 news article. A family in London posted an ad for a nanny job with some pretty cool perks: A salary of $129,000 International travel Use of the family Maserati, Range Rover, and Porche Gourmet meals prepared by the family chef However, not just any slouch  »  Read More

Financial Psychology—A New Field?

Most people have heard of psychology. But financial psychology? Not so much. Two professors, a father and son team, Ted and Brad Klontz, are seeking to change that. “Behaviors regarding money are the leading cause of things like divorce,” says Dr. Ted Horowitz, the director of the Center for  »  Read More

186% Growth in Giving to Donor Advised Funds.

Donor advised funds have come a long way since the first appearing in the early 1900s.  The New York Community Trust claimed to be one of the first in 1931.  For the longest time, local community foundations tended to have the corner on the market on providing donor advised funds.  Yet from 2008  »  Read More