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The Huge Disconnect Between Succession and Legacy

When families think about the future of their company and their legacy there is often a fundamental disconnect. The Family Business Institute reports that 88% of families believe that their same family or families will control the family business 5 years into the future. Stated plainly, most  »  Read More

5 Great Legacy Conversation Starters

In working with families, I find that while they are good at the business of getting together as a family, they leave unspoken some of the questions and the stories that are pivotal to the history of the family. In many cases, the family simply needs help to move beyond the surface level  »  Read More

Your Foolproof Guarantee to Happiness

We spend most of our lives waiting for our “when.” When I get that promotion.  When I get that new house. When I get the kids in preschool. When I get the kids off to college. When I win the lottery. And so it goes. The idea is that whenever I reach my “when,” then I’ll be happy. But  »  Read More