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Where Is Giving Going in 2018?

Anytime you want to look ahead, it’s often helpful to look back. With 2017 in the books, we won’t know for quite some time the final results for charitable giving. The last full year of numbers (2016) from Giving USA was reported in the July 2017 Chronicle of Philanthropy. What did 2016 tell  »  Read More

Top Blogs of 2017

Here are my most-read blog posts from the past year. Just click the links below. I hope you enjoy the read! #1 Should Inheritance Be a Windfall?  Inheritance. It’s a concept as old as time. People die. They leave their stuff behind. Typically those closest to the deceased receive the  »  Read More

Faith-Based Groups Bring Relief to Disaster

In our world today, there’s little doubt that faith-based groups sometimes receive criticism for following the Bible and seeking converts. That news sometimes is overshadowed by the real work of these faith-based organizations. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, USA Today (September 10, 2017)  »  Read More