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The Transforming Power of Gratitude and Generosity

Giving in a spirit of gratitude and generosity

A simple attitude change can make a surprising difference to our mental health and wellbeing, while also inclining us toward greater generosity. What is it? Gratitude! In 2017, $203.6 billion was spent on mental health sessions. That number is projected to continue growing to a whopping $230  »  Read More

Fear, Greed and Generosity, All in a Day’s News

Lots of generosity and greed in the newspaper

Last week I was traveling across the country. Sometimes, I’ll pick up a newspaper or two. Today, it’s the USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. I’ve got a friend who always told me to read the newspaper for the insight that others might miss. In reading USA Today, I can’t help seeing the  »  Read More

8 Key Facts on Charitable Giving

Charitable giving decisions at the computer

CCS Fundraising put together their 7th Edition Snapshot of Today’s Philanthropic Landscape. Here are eight key facts about charitable giving from the report: Good news/Bad news. While 2017 saw charitable giving rise to $410 billion dollars, that was with 56% of the U.S. population giving to  »  Read More