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Friends Don’t Let Friends Sell Businesses

I speak often on the subject of giving and taxes.  Probably more than 2 years ago, I spoke to some ministry leaders and I told them, “Friends don’t let friends sell businesses.” Roger, one of those ministry leaders, heard me.  One of his good friends  »  Read More

The Generous Life

Deep in the Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri, there is still a time and place that remains untouched by the ravages of time. The trees are so thick that you’ve got to hack them away if you want any sunlight to reach your little garden. But to get to the garden, you’ve got to pick out  »  Read More

Giving As A Family

Problem: Most families fail to carry on their legacy into the second and third generation. For family owned businesses the failure rate is 70% in the second generation. Why? We tend to do a good job of passing on financial capital without passing on the most important capital: social, spiritual  »  Read More